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Memphis Fire Barbeque Company

by Mike Lowe
April 7 - 13, 2011
The Memphis Fire Barbeque Company has just celebrated their first anniversary and my recent visit to this quaint, 1950’s style diner–esque eatery convinced me that this place should become very popular indeed. The recommendation to dine here comes from sommelier James Treadwell, co–owner of Treadwell Farm to Table Cuisine in St. Catharines. After a couple of hours of wine tasting I follow Treadwell to the restaurant in eager anticipation of a satisfying, authentic BBQ meal.
    The unassuming white brick building, with its covered patio and picnic tables, possesses a kind of rural, roadhouse appeal. Inside, the spotlessly clean space is decked out in blue and white checkered tablecloths and red vinyl barstools. The nostalgic, padded barstools seem like the right place to relax and indulge our carnivorous cravings so we settle in and study the menu. The restaurant, open daily, also serves breakfast ($4.99 – $12.99) until 11 am. Classic egg favourites, pancakes and omelettes are featured along with sausage and bacon biscuits, a BBQ breakfast and even a good morning burger. The lunch and dinner menu ($3.99 – $15.99) offers pulled pork and brisket sandwiches, a collection of classic hot dogs and homemade burgers, and family meals consisting of BBQ meat by the pound and three sizes of side dishes to choose from. Pork back ribs are available Thursday through Sunday only. The menu warns that you have to get there early if you’re looking to feast on fried chicken and biscuits. Another “retro” touch is the availability of soda fountain drinks like classic root beer floats and milkshakes.
    In search of a hearty late lunch, nothing whets my appetite like the vision of slow–smoked beef brisket, so my decision to go with the 6oz brisket entrée ($15.99), is an easy one. Done right, brisket can be a thing of wonder. Memphis Fire’s version is hickory smoked for 20 hours causing the meat to develop a dark, smoky crust, known as “bark.” The interior is moist, tender and full of heady woodsmoke flavour. What little fat is present is rendered to melt–in–your–mouth deliciousness. A touch of their Smokehouse sauce and a bit of the sweet/hot “Texan” spread, a sort of mustard–based relish, are perfect partners with the succulent brisket. Do yourself a favour when choosing sides and opt for the down home goodness of their “pit beans.” Other sides include classics like mac n’ cheese, Coney chili, buttermilk biscuits and mashed potatoes with gravy. James seems equally content with his slider combo. The combo consists of one pulled pork, one brisket and one “Nirvana Moo” mini burger.
     Not only is the restaurant unique in the region, it delivers on the promise of good, old–fashioned comfort food, prepared by people who care about what goes on your plate. And you can afford to take the entire family without taking out a second mortgage on the house. Our bill came to just over $39, taxes in, tip extra. Service, provided by our server Amanda, was extremely prompt, friendly and attentive. Chef–owners Steve and Lori Popp have put together a winner with Memphis Fire Barbeque Company. If you like BBQ as much as I do, visit Memphis Fire soon. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  Hours are: Monday to Saturday from 8am until 9pm. Sundays: 8am – noon.  V

1091 Hwy 8, Stoney Creek.
(905) 930–7675
3/3 Stars
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