Vol. 21 No. 8 • February 26 - March 4, 2015 In Our 20th Year Serving Greater Hamilton

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by Elizabeth Kay
July 3 - 9, 2014
Charred = Nom nom nom nom nom. Hmmmph. VIEW’s editor didn’t find that sentence to be a sufficient accounting of my recent lunch at Charred. Actually, I think it summed it up quite accurately. I will add a few more words just to keep Mr. Editor happy and myself with a job.

    Charred is the oh so good rotisserie chicken house on James Street. Ever feel like you are the last person to try something? I’d been feeling like that about Charred and I fixed the problem last week. Charred is a rotisserie BBQ restaurant with a Portuguese slant. Every dish comes with piri piri in some form, even the soup. I insisted that my luncheon date try the house salad and I opted for the soup and poutine. This turned out to be a ludicrous amount of food for the two of us for a quick lunch, but whatever, we managed.

    The house salad comes in two sizes, Regular ($5) and Large ($7) and you can add charred chicken for an additional $4.00. Of course we added chicken. Piri piri sauce is served on the side, and can be had mild, medium or spicy. We chose medium and it was quite mild actually, so if you want some heat I’d suggest you go crazy and opt for the spicy version. This salad makes for a very nice lunch comprised of your typical mixed greens, assorted vegetables and a house made balsamic dressing. It isn’t inventing the wheel as far as salads go, but it was all very fresh and tasty, and the charred chicken makes it a meal. I really enjoyed the soup ($6). It is a noodle soup in a delicious clear chicken broth, light on the noodles, but packed with piri piri chicken, and a touch of cilantro which isn’t overpowering. I love cilantro but those of you who don’t shouldn’t overlook the soup because of it. The soup is served with a great Portuguese style roll, and it really does make an adequate lunch, and is a deal at $6.00. This soup will be just the ticket next time I have the sniffles and am hankering for true comfort in the from of homemade chicken noodle soup.

    The soup and salad were very nice and all, but the nom–noming was a result of the poutine. The Charred’s poutine is seriously good and I would put it up against any other I’ve had in the city. It comes in two sizes, Regular ($8) and Large ($10), and the option of adding chicken for $4. We ordered a regular, and, of course, we added the chicken. The cheese curds are tossed in the piri piri, and topped with Charred’s great chicken, resulting in a poutine that truly is nom nom inducing. I had to bring half of it back to the office as we couldn’t finish it all. If you order a large, I suggest you don’t have soup to start.

    Charred also offers chicken meals and chicken sandwiches and everything is available for take–out. They have a whole chicken available for take out only, for $14.00. I will have to go back and try these items, but who am I kidding? I have a co–worker who ordered the chicken sandwich on his first visit and says it is so good that he hasn’t strayed from it. I can appreciate that, as I highly doubt I’ll be able to stray from the poutine. It is just so... nom nom nom nom nom.V

244 James N.
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