Audio // Visual // 2020 Capricorn Party

“This one involves a lot of people that are influential in Hamilton in terms of house music and techno”

For local DJ and scene booster, Dan Rivero, a January event that celebrates the Capricorn zodiac sign as well as cross–polinating musical and visual arts has turned into an annual event to heat up this cold time of year. Back by popular demand and bigger then ever it's the annual Audio Visual Capricorn Party from No Thrills — All Genre Dance Events and this year in collaboration with fellow house and techno dance aficionados Allure Entertainment.
“The original Audio //  Visual night has been going on for about a decade if not a little bit more back in the first year or two of This Ain’t Hollywood opening,” says Rivero. “I’d also already been doing a Capricorn party for anyone with a January birthday and a couple of years ago, I decided to amalgamate the two nights to offer live arts and DJs. It was always about meshing art and music and giving exposure to new artists.”
While the event space has changed over the years, of late Rivero’s found home at Shaolin and organized what could be the biggest edition yet.
“This one involves a lot of people that are influential in Hamilton in terms of house music and techno,” says Rivero. “There is a lot of experience on this bill in terms of playing to crowds and having a good grasp of underground of house and techno and remixes of what people are into. I originally approached Hugo Matos who was a regular at Club 77 and O Lounge, which are both regular staples in the city for house and techno. We’d been talking about collaborating for a while and this ended up the perfect way to do it.

“With the artists, I decided to branch out and have some familiar faces like Caillin Kowalczyk who I met at Art Battle — and then bringing in somebody like Tara Sproule who is a fantastic artist that has a company called Marked Up By T,” adds Rivero. “This year we have a makeup artist, Aleksandra Stanojevic, who does professional facepainting to bring a little extra something for people that feel adventurous.”
Offering a different kind of night that explores musical and visual arts in a novel setting to drag you out on a cold January evening is what Rivero hopes to do with the Audio/Visual Capricorn party.
“We’ll have this on two floors — the upstairs is still currently called Marina, the restaurant above Shaolin — there’ll be art on each floor,” says Rivero. “We’ve got a diverse selection of DJs for this bill that really come from the house and techno scene in Hamilton including Trevor Wilkes, Mike Conradi, Dustin May, Sheebz, Bootsy Adams and Kevin Kartwell. All of these DJs have been doing it for a really long time so it’s going to be a good selection of music whatever you’re into.
“There’s drink specials until midnight and bottle service as well,” adds Rivero. “The two floor aspect is going to be fantastic. It’s going to be a really good party and there’s already been a lot of interest from the local house and techno community for this. But there’s something for everyone — if you enjoy good visual art, you’ll get a good dose of that and if you like a good vibe party for their birthday should come out. Anyone who is into visual arts or a good dance party — you have two floors to choose from. Everyone should come, especially if you’re a Capricorn.” V

Audio // Visual // 2020 Capricorn Party happens this Friday January 17 at Shaolin (229 James St. N). Doors open at 9pm and $5 gets you in - Capricorns are free with photo ID.

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