Bonnie Hamilton's Birthday Celebration Remains

"Because I've blossomed a little later in life, perhaps I set some deadlines to have things done at a certain time but sometimes it doesn't work out"

While the concert this week was meant to be a celebration of her new album as well as her birthday, Bonnie Hamilton remains excited about this week's celebration even if the recording process has meant delays in the official release of her new songs.

Growing up in Thornhill, her gospel music and classical education didn't inspire her as much as perhaps more secular music. While she's spent a couple of decades in Hamilton collaborating with other musicians and bands, it was in the last couple of years, that Hamilton felt she had to make her own album and her own voice and the process has been extended beyond what was originally expected.

"I wouldn't call it secular but just not churchy stuff," says Hamilton. "I'm about me and doing my thing. I have a definite message of self-empowerment and of self love and knowing where we stand in our identity and the grand scheme of the universe.

"Because I've blossomed a little later in life, perhaps I set some deadlines to have things done at a certain time but sometimes it doesn't work out that way," adds Hamilton. "Recording an album has definitely been a process. For many artists and songwriters, recordings don't always end up the way you wanted them to so you just have to keep on plugging through. You have to make sure that your message is properly presented and it may not happen the first time. It doesn't matter if it takes two years or four years, you can have your whole heart in there but it doesn't always come out correctly. I'm learning it's taking time and all I can say is that the recordings are still in process. there are songs to be released but I think I'm going to hold on to them just a little bit longer. I have to be true to myself and I don't want to release something just to release something but when it's sounding the way I wanted it to sound. It didn't happen the way I wanted but sometimes you have to humble yourself and that's life"

While recording sessions haven't yet met expectations, Hamilton is becoming more of a presence on the local stage allowing more people to witness her vocal prowess first hand. An intimate showcase with a full band and lots of friends sounds like the perfect way to celebrate a birthday for Hamilton.

"The album will be coming out soon but I'll be releasing some songs in advance to share what I can with fans and we still have a reason to celebrate as I'm turning twenty-one," smiles Hamilton on her upcoming celebration. "There is a gospel tinge because of the passion and emotion I put into the music but I'd call it soulful. This is about who I am and I'm all about makin a difference in the world, don't want to be famous, just want to impact people's lives so they can be changed through music that moves them to be inspired to have hope and purpose. I think I'm starting to make that impact - it's going to happen, it's happening...

"I'll be at the grand piano and I'll have my band the Midnight Daydream with me," adds Hamilton. "I'll have a lot of friends come out to this intimate venue. I love sharing the stories behind these songs and this show will be like inviting everyone into my living room to share my heart into the world for whoever walks through the door. There will be a cake and it's sure to be an interesting show that I hope everyone comes out for - I just want to put out a good vibe and enjoy the experience. This is me with a message to send and I'm excited for those that want to be a part of it."

Bonnie Hamilton and the Midnight Daydream play this Wednesday July 31 at the Artword Artbar with New Era Neisha, Brennagh Burns and a poetry reading from Laura Furster and more. Doors open at 7:15pm and tickets are $25. Click on

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