Collapsing the Night: An immersive dance experience

Aeris Körper presents Collapsing the Night: An immersive Dance Experience in Hamilton at the Gage Park Tropical Greenhouse

Aeris Körper presents Collapsing the Night: An immersive Dance Experience in Hamilton at the Gage Park Tropical Greenhouse in collaboration with additional members of the Hamilton Arts Community and with generous support from the City of Hamilton’s Enrichment Fund.  
Attending a rehearsal, I was very impressed by the calibre and expertise of the dancers and was invited to join in the dancing to get a sample of what audience members can expect. This interactive performance will offer two types of tickets: Observer or Participator. All audience members will follow a guide throughout the performance, the Observers will not be expected to interact with the dancers, whereas the Participators will be encouraged to move and interact within the performance space.  
I will confess, I found my small interaction with the dancers profoundly moving. The piece challenges us to discover our inner dark thoughts of loneliness and fear and letting them go through dance.

Aeris Körper’s Artistic Director is the Nominee for the 2018 Hamilton Arts Awards in Performing Arts, Lisa Emmons, who hopes that Collapsing the Night “touches every part of your physicality through movement, light, touch and even the smell from the greenhouse.” She is an experienced dancer, choreographer and teacher and has a long list of credits to her name working with such luminaries as Peggy Baker, assisting in her remount of MOVE and Choreographer for Ballet Jorgen’s choreography workshop.
Lisa found the perfect space in the greenhouse whilst walking through Gage Park and ruminating on where to find a performance venue. Upon entering the building, she knew she had found what she was looking for and what a gem she found! (Thank you divine intervention.) The glorious tropical foliage and ponds with fish and turtles makes a perfect setting for the four performance spaces or “islands of expression” as they are being called, with each having their own sound and lights. They are greatly enhanced by Tanis Macarthur’s fabulous costumes that I got a peek at after rehearsal, furthering Aeris Körper’s belief that dance and art make the world a better place.
Live music will be provided by Grace No Grace with projection by OPTICKS, lighting design by Gordon Simmons, sound designer is Kelly Wolf, graphic design Charlit Floriano and the wonderful choreographer Lisa Emmons and producer Mikaela Demers, the combination of which promises to make the performance an evening to remember.
The dance features seasoned principal dancers Mikaela Demers, Lisa Emmons, Mayumi Lashbrook and Amanda Pye and features Lisa Pijuan–Nomura,  Anne Prat–Kalonji, Faith Boughan and Alison Wright.  There are also Co–op students from the Conteur Dance Academy who will be helping with the lights in the “islands of expression.” They are Greer Holland, Shayla Dyble, Jasmine Law and Rachelle Ashmore. Aeris Körper means the lightness of spirit and energy combined with the strength and beauty of body. They also state that they are committed to growing relationships within the community through empathy, trust and respect.  They provide a safe space to foster creative expression and inspire imagination through contemporary dance.  
In our miserable and dark world, I highly recommend a unique evening of dance that is sure to leave you warmly entertained and have channeled your inner energy and spirit into a more positive and safe space. Audience is limited to 48 per show.V

Friday November 22 and Saturday,
November 23, 7.00 p.m. till 8.30 p.m.
Gage Park Tropical Greenhoouse
Tickets available from

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