Dave Rave’s Fifteenth Annual Shake, Rattle and Rave

The year began with us documenting Dave Rave’s first solo album in eight years dubbed Adventureland but the year ends with another party for Rave

The year began with us documenting Dave Rave’s first solo album in eight years dubbed Adventureland but the year ends with another party for Rave that celebrates his whole catalog, the holidays and more.
Rave has made a big splash over the last couple of years when he took over the vocals for Teenage Head and it was a treat to see Rave’s face on the jumbo-tron during the Tiger–Cats Labour Day Classic but while that kind of glory is fun, Rave remains what could be the hardest working man in Hamilton music. Yes, Teenage Head and his solo work keeps him busy but there’s also his buddies in the Shakers that might be reuniting again in the near future... and then there is his Minnesota band the Governors who have another new album on the way... and then there is his mentoring of younger artists like Hailee Rose. With all of that on his plate, the holidays still inspire Rave to put on a show that was originally meant to better reconnect with local family and friends given his globetrotting status. Now after fifteen years, Rave is more of a Hamiltonian again but the annual Shake Rattle and Rave is a holiday party to celebrate the season in a little less traditional fashion.

“There is something special about tradition — technically, I didn’t do it last year as my album release for Adventureland was the party we decided to do, and I found I really missed Shake, Rattle and Rave,” says Rave. “Brodie [Shwendiman, Casbah promoter] asked me to do the show for Boxing Day and it naturally evolved from that. It was great to hang out with friends and Hamiltonians that came back home for the holidays. It was great to see people you haven’t seen for a long time.
“I’ve been more in Hamilton the last few years as I did a lot more in New York and Minnesota and more,” adds Rave. “It was good to get my solo album out because I’d been working on it for a while and I kind of had to get it out. I had to get that music out so I could look at doing new music for myself, the Governors and even Teenage Head, which is really exciting. Playing with Teenage Head has been so fun, celebrating three vinyl releases the last couple of years and it was such a hoot to appear on the big screen at Tim Horton’s Field. Steve [Mahon], Gord [Lewis] and Gene [Champagne] — I’ve got to applaud them for all the work they’ve done on bringing Teenage Head back up to date and getting some important releases available again. It’s great to see the recognition for their past work but Gord’s got some great riffs and Gene is putting them down and we’re working on some new songs. We’re taking a bit of a break and hope to work on the studio recordings. And we hope maybe some of those will be in the Teenage Head film. It’ll catch up with the glory days as well as the current band and I’m looking forward to that documentary maybe coming out this year.”
Dave Rave’s energy has translated really well in the re–invigorated incarnation of Teenage Head but with a wealth of projects that’ll keep him busy in the New Year, the holidays offer a time to just cut loose and offer a dance party for those that might have had their fill of the holidays proper.
“This year is the proper return of the official Shake, Rattle and Rave and  I love it because it’s a great get together with some friends and showcase some of the new music from my friends and play with my Midnight Rockers and Hailee Rose,” says Rave. “It’s a real treat. I’ve been working with Hailee for a while — she’s such an incredible talent and she has a new Christmas album out with some great originals and some cool covers on it that’ll we’ll be featuring at this show as well.  We’ve had some exciting guests on the show over the years and this year I was excited with Jamie Reid suggested his nephew Matty Simpson — I love him but didn’t know if he’d be available and since Picks and Sticks is getting involved and they’re going to be raffling off a guitar at this show, it only made sense. And my nephew is also joining in. Alex is really involved in the industry but he’s also got a band and it’s great to have them on the bill this year.
“Tristan Bernardi (bass), Dave Simpson (drums) and Chris Wheeler (guitar) join me as the Midnight Rockers and as a band, I haven’t had a band around here for my solo stuff in a while so this is going to be fun,” adds Rave. “There are some great rockers on Hailee’s record and the band knows them because they played on them and they’ve really worked hard on the whole set. Of course, we’ll had a little Teenage Head and a whole bunch of rock and roll songs from my repertoire that people will enjoy. It’s going to be a rocking show and I’d like to see a good gang of people. If you’re tired of Christmas by Boxing Day, which a lot of people are, it’s  a Friday night and if you’ve enjoyed Teenage Head, the Shakers or anything I’ve done, I’d love to see a diverse crowd but we’ve got a lot of regulars that come out for a fun dance party.

Dave Rave’s Annual Shake, Rattle And Rave happens Friday December 27 at The Casbah with special guests Matty Simpson and Alex DesRoches with Fear The Deer with Julie Title. Doors open at 8pm and advance tickets are $25 via

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