Dead Tired's "Full Vol."

“I’ve had one toe in the music industry and my feet firmly in Hamilton hanging out with the family and working"

It’s been a couple of years since we had the opportunity to chat with George Pettit of Dead Tired as some time off and a renewed focus on his other little band, Alexisonfire, has kept him busy with other things outside Hamilton. This weekend, Petit and Dead Tired return to play their first hometown show in two years with a live show to celebrate their latest LP, Full Vol.

“I’ve had one toe in the music industry and my feet firmly in Hamilton hanging out with the family and working,” assures George Pettit on what’s kept him busy over the last couple of years. While we helped document the rise, finale and even temporary reunion of his former band, the members of Alexisonfire have recently come together to record their first new music in years and even played a summer tour this year.

“The shows were amazing and it keeps getting better,” says Pettit on Alexisonfire. “There were a lot of nerves for me especially doing two shows at the Budweiser Stage. I was thinking this was too big and it’s not going to work but in the end... it worked and it worked perfectly. The shows were incredible and lots of fun but after that we all scattered. We had a collective sigh of relief that those shows are done and there was such an emotional build up to those shows, it’s nice to be basking in the afterglow since they went so well but it’s also a little bit of a relief to have some downtime.”

While Pettit and his family may have enjoyed some down time spent at the cottage this summer, it eventually became time to revisit his Hamilton based band Dead Tired featuring Franz Stefanik, Chris Whetstone, Nick Ball and Marco “Sparky” Bressette.

Between 2015 and 2016, a series of new Dead Tired music was released on individual 7–inch vinyl recordings and this passed March, New Damage Records completed the project with the release of the full length vinyl recording that compiles the three previously released singles as well as three new songs into Full Vol.. Their hometown return is a Pettit curated show that will be a welcome return for Dead Tired’s hardcore Hamilton fans. 

“I’ve found it plays quite well as an album,” says Pettit on Full Vol.. “When we first laid out the tracks in order, it made  a lot of sense to us and we’ve had a good response to the album so far,” says Pettit. “I’m always a little cautious — I feel you write an album and maybe four or five songs rise to the surface and other songs fall to the wayside. By putting out singles, you give every song its own chance to hear it more and focus in on it but really, this is Dead Tired. The band and the music is more of an excuse to for me to get some aggression out, get drunk with the boys and hang out. That’s what makes it so important for me. 

“But we all have schedules that have to be worked out so if something comes up for Dead Tired it has to be fun and relatively easy to do,” says Pettit. “Playing Hollywood for us is easy and fun so it’s really cool that we get to do that again after a long break. We had the chance to play with Pretty Boy in Montreal and they were so great that I’m excited that they’re playing. We’ve known Matt Ellis for a long time with his other Hamilton bands and he’s a local musician we all appreciate and the new Plasticheads record is spectacular. First Base I haven’t seen live yet but I’m a big fan of their bubblegum, sugary sweet power pop. It’s a stacked line up that’s just going to be great and then of course, Dead Tired is going to go up there and we’ll probably drunkenly slop around on stage and do the thing that we usually do — which is usually pretty fun.” V

Dead Tired plays this Friday August 23 at This Ain’t Hollywood with First Base, Plasticheads , Prettyboy and Dj sweet Dave. Doors open 9pm and $15 gets you in. Find the band on Twitter or Instagram @zDEADTIREDz

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