Deeps and Friends' Capricornia 2020

Bringing together Bowmanville’s The Doozies, Shari and Jonny as well as some special guests to showcase his own music for the evening

We just spoke a few weeks ago — but Steve De Piante otherwise known as Deeps is hell bent on saving Hamilton music — or at least getting some hidden musical gems he sees as in need of some more exposure. With that in mind he puts on a special show in honour of an oft slighted zodiac sign and a tribute to a pair of Hamiltonians who definitely need a new official recording that he hopes to offer at a gig to celebrate Capricorns.
“It’s more of a reason to get together with a bunch of musical people for my birthday,” laughs Deeps. “Capricorns are consistently the lost birthday people because Xmas and New Years trumps them. I wanted to have a gathering that starts early and has an ere of celebration. I first did this show eight years ago and that was the first time we spoke and a lot has changed since then.
The Toronto born singer songwriter cut his teeth in Guelph but came to Hamilton for love and perhaps to find his musical muse. Upon his arrival, Deeps was welcomed with open arms by two locals in particular.

“Shari [Dunn] and Jonny [Kerr] — they took me under their wing years ago and they were just married recently,” says Deeps. “They were my first music friends eight years ago when we first did this. They are still close to me and made me a better player because of their support but they don't have a recording that showcases their insane musical talents. I want to get them to play in a room of listeners and get good video and audio out of it. I am doing this as a wedding present for them.
“I put this show together to use the Mule Spinner’s vibe to finally properly capture their music,” adds Deeps. “We’re one of the only studios to do multi–track live recording and it’s a special place that Glen Marshall and Bob Lanois have put together. Shari and Jonny play more gigs than most anyone around and don’t stop to do things for themselves in terms of recordings go. They go all over the place playing their hearts out with some great repertoire and are a great example of music being the tie that binds.”
Bringing together Bowmanville’s The Doozies, Shari and Jonny as well as some special guests to showcase his own music for the evening, Deeps is offering a revue type show that’s meant for a party, but with the audio and visuals being recorded, everyone can revel in being part of a new live recording from some of Hamilton’s finest. To make it also have an altruistic vibe, a portion of the proceeds going to Over the Bridge and organization that assists artists with their mental health.
“With my birthday upon us, I ask people every year how they want to celebrate and often they say, ‘Nothing, I spent my money on Christmas and New Year’s.’” says Deeps. “So this is a thing for all the wayward Capricorns or for anyone that is looking to have a party at this time of year. My band — Matt Burns, Joel Banks and Tom Vandeven — will be playing my album In The Aftermath of Last Night with me in more of an acoustic fashion and I’ve invited some special guests — some I can’t say but Max Wray and Ben Somer, Bryce Clifford — there will be an interesting cast of short sets.
“We raised three hundred dollars for Over the Bridge at our Muletide Christmas fundraiser so it’s great that we can help support the great work Ace Piva and that organization is doing for Hamilton musicians,” adds Deeps. “While you’re doing good for the community, everyone can come out and just have some fun in these cold months. People who like variety and want to be in a room with some great recording going on — if you want to get caught in a video — you can say that you were there. Something magical is going to happen in that room for sure with that group of musicians in the room.” V

Deeps and Friends' Capricornia 2020 - A Celebration of the oft not celebrated Capricorns happens this Saturday January 10 at the Mule Spinner with Shari and Jonny, Doozies, Deeps and friends. Doors open at 7pm and $20 gets you in or pay-what-you-can. Click on ot

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