DirtStar's "Algorhythm"

“Mike Rizzo was into music before we were and he was one of the driving forces to get the guys in Porcelain Youth to become a band,”

While Jesse Daigle was an early starter, getting national acclaim with Porcelain Youth barely out of his teens, the last decade or so has been a little more quiet. While we last spoke with Daigle about last year’s reunion of Porcelain Youth, this weekend Daigle is focusing on his latest musical outing and their newest release, Algorhythm.

“Mike Rizzo was into music before we were and he was one of the driving forces to get the guys in Porcelain Youth to become a band,” remarks singer/guitarist and now bassist Jesse Daigle on his lifelong friendship with the drummer he formed DirtStar with. “For me to hook up with Mike after a few years out of the music business, it was a breath of fresh air, even nostalgic to jump in the hot seat with a guy like that. We started out in a  cover band but soon figured out that our rhythm section wasn’t so terrible and we took it to another level. We thought we’d do something a little new and different with a two piece band and open up some shows for people and get a room going.”

“Instead of having fancy solos or beautiful chord progressions, we don’t have those options so we focus mostly rhythmically, whatever would get your toes tapping,” adds Daigle. “With the bass we get the low end and try not to strain ourselves. We’ve got good tunes that people can latch on to. Both of us are heavy music fans but at the same time we both love pop music so we mix both in to capture an audience regardless of what they might like and the reaction has been great. We keep it nice and poppy and nice and rocky and it seems a good combination. When it’s just bass and drums you’ve got to go far out for influence and I’ll go as far as some good heavy metal to get some good chunky riffs going down and then lately it’s been a lot of Motown and funk. It’s interesting and unique and we like bringing that kind of stuff to the people with a little different attitude to it.”

That attitude is perfectly captured on Algorhthm, produced by Steve Haines at Poseidon Recordings. No fluff, rhythmic fair makes for riff rocker after riff rocker but with dynamic flair.

“The music is like our band name,” says Daigle. “If you look it up on the urban dictionary online you’re going to find out what DirtStar actually means but for us it means a lot of different varying things from the earth to the stars, just a common connection between human kind and the universe or you can literally think it’s a butthole — we’ll let you make up your mind on what you want.

“We were playing Absinthe a fair bit and Steve does sound there,” adds Daigle. “After mixing us a couple of times he came up to us and said he had a studio. We did a couple of songs with him and really enjoyed the experience and what he brought to the table. He had an interest in the band and we came out with a good product so we did our first album with him and went back for this new one. It’s a great working relationship and the album is exactly like we wanted.”

While the band hasn’t been making the gig listings as of late, Daigle assures that the duo will be back into the swing of things, starting with a headlining return to the stage this weekend.

“We took the summer off to enjoy some time with our loved ones and decided to get right back at it with the fall here,” says Daigle. “We created the band to not be a headliner and be an opening act to get the crowd going. We love going into a dead room and seeing where we can take that audience. That’s where we thrive but we don’t mind being a headliner. 

“We play with anyone so it doesn’t matter what kind of music is before us because not too many bands end up sounding like us,” says Daigle. “We’ve got a product and we go out there and do what we do. If we do what we do best, we’re bound to get someone to like us. We just want to play some shows, do what we love and getting our blood pumping and that’s what we’ll give anyone who shows up.” V

DirtStar play this Friday September 27 at Club Absinthe with Darenots, the Filthy Radicals, and Sleepin Tom. Click on 

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