Ellis' "Born Again"

The immediate religious connotations from Ellis debut full length release weren’t meant to be ironic.

The immediate religious connotations from Ellis debut full length release weren’t meant to be ironic. In fact, The full–length debut from Ellis, Born Again (Fat Possum) showcases a musically mature and complex character to the songwriting for Hamilton based singer and songwriter Linnea Sigglekow and her brooding and dreamy indie pop.
“It felt like an organic shift to the songwriting but the recording process was with a producer in Brooklyn with days in the studio building these songs up from the ground and that’s probably why it sounds so different,” says Sigglekow. “The religious aspects of my life were such a huge part of my life that it feels kind of strange not to talk about it so it just happened that I found myself writing more about it for this record naturally. Born again has a religious connotation but I named the record that to reclaim that term, which I once used in a different context. Now I’m using it to define other transformations and transformative experiences in my life that might be more relatable to people. The more people I meet the more I find people that grew up in religious ways and feel separate from them now in growing up and it’s all a part of being alive.”

Siggelkow has always been about fresh starts it seems. We last documented Sigglekow’s journey from her birth province of Saskatchewan to London, Ontario where she first became musically inclined. With her eyes set on fueling her musical muse regardless of any potential anxiety or self–doubt, she’d gravitate to Toronto and join bands but would find her self musically as a solo act dubbed Ellis from her initials. That transformation would prove the kernel of what would become a music career but only she moved to the welcoming arms of Hamilton’s musical community where she’d write and record her debut EP, The Fuzz that would light the alternative music media world afire.
Now with the label in tow and a wealth of infrastructure fueling her creativity, Ellis is set to showcase the transformation of herself and her music on her new album. Produced by Jake Aron (Snail Mail, Solange, Grizzly Bear) and recorded partly at Aron’s Brooklyn studio, Born Again is an atmospheric, pensive and sometime painful document of self–discovery and rebirth for an exciting singer and songwriter developing into an international star. While an expansive tour is set for the next two months through the US and Canada, Ellis is still reticent about photo shoots, videos and interviews but she’s getting more accustomed to the attention and growing into it.
“In talking with Jake, he seemed the right fit to take my original vision and elevate it to where I wanted it to go,” says Siggelkow. “I learned so much in the studio working with him and I feel more confident in the studio setting after that experience. It’s about growth and change and transformation for sure even though sometimes it’s difficult. I don’t know what the future is going to look like so that makes me a little anxious so I’m adjusting to everything being up in the air but I hope people like the record and the shows. I’m really excited to be playing these new songs even though I hate getting in front of a camera for videos or anything but I want to keep putting out videos so people can have a visual component to the music and add to the aesthetic accompaniment. I want to play live and get more people to hear the music.
“This is the biggest tour I’ve done yet so we’re getting ready for this and I really wanted the first show to be in Hamilton,” adds Siggelkow. “I’ve got Levi Kertesz is on drums, Hamilton rock star Dan Edmonds playing synth and Toronto’s Anna Horvath of Merival playing bass as part of my band and they’re opening this show for me. I haven’t played Hamilton since last October and I’m excited Hamilton is the first show of this record’s cycle. Everyone knows I love Hamilton. It has the community that has allowed me to get this project off the ground and I feel so supported. I am so excited to get the ball rolling in my hometown of Hamilton.” V

Ellis plays at the Casbah on Thursday March 5 with Merival and Dan Edmonds. Doors open for the all ages / licensed event at 8:00 PM and tickets if available are $10.00 plus service charges. Click on

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