Good Apollo's "Sun God"

“It’s a surreal hip hop experience, spreading a message of self–love and it’s manifesting dreams and positive energy flows,”

The art, hip hop, hippy ‘movement’ we’ve documented over the last two years continues for Good Apollo and company with the release of Good Apollo’s Sun God CD this weekend.

“It’s a surreal hip hop experience, spreading a message of self–love and it’s manifesting dreams and positive energy flows,” says Good Apollo otherwise known as Brandon Consoli on his latest collection of songs. 

“If you’re a hip hop fan it’s like Ghostface Killah and how Raekwon was on almost every song,” says Good Apollo on the solo named release. “We got all of these beats from Hamilton area producers and my brother, Spaceship Nick would hear it and be like, ‘I got something that would work with that’. This is my album but Nick is a feature, and we’ve got all original beats from Hamilton producers Chxrcobeatz, Yourboyeggs, Purp Boy and more.”

With allusions to Wu Tang Clan, Good Apollo has created his music with an ever changing collective of musical allies making for a revolving cast a la Parliament Funkadelic, varied feature releases in the vein of Wu Tang and mixing it up with a fanciful love of comic books that mixes in a superhero Avengers vibe to this art rap.

For this particular release, Good Apollo isn’t using the more organic live instrument set up they have in the past but for Apollo it has the same vibe. 

“It’s a natural process and we love comics — you never know who is going to show up in a comic book story,” says Apollo. “I like the fact that people just show up even if we don’t list it on the CD — I like having surprises. 

The laconic style of Drake or Post Malone permeates the trap styles of the music on Sun God.

“There are a lot of melodies with the vocals we’re doing because we’re musicians at heart,” says Apollo. “We’re not just rappers — we’re trying to make iconic songs that will reach people, old and young. Hip hop is for everyone to appreciate and celebrate. We want to make it available to a wide audience to get the message. I listen to Young Thug and Future and a lot of modern trap stuff and that’s influencing my sound. We’re all about a good energy and the message we want people to receive is for people doing what you want to do — be free, persevere and get your goals. We want to be euphoric and uplifting — it’s something you can smoke to or party to. There’s a balance of party and chill track for a whole album experience like Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. It’s an adventure through my world in modern trap style.”

Good Apollo will take to the live stage this weekend to celebrate the new music with Spaceship Nick and more in tow to celebrate.

“The album will be released August 30 on all digital sale and streaming platforms but we’ll also have physical CD copies available at our album release party,” says Apollo. “Me and Spaceship Nick will be performing new songs from the album. We’ll also have some freestyle cyphers rocking before and after the show so come on through. 

“The movement is an energy, spirit and vibe but it’s also about dancing and rhythm,” adds Apollo. “This is about enjoying life and being grateful for being here. Music has helped me through the most difficult times in my life and I want to heal people through my music. We want anyone who is an emcee to come out for the opening cypher, which will be a real fun time. Then we’ll offer the main spectacle of the night with most of the new album. We want everyone to come out and have fun and hear the message. I’m not trying to make money off this that’s why it’s a pay–what–you–can event. Hopefully anyone who likes hip hop music or wants to have a good time and dance, that’s Good Apollo’s audience.” V

Good Apollo and Spaceship Nick perform this Saturday August 31 at the Casbah with a live open mic cypher to open the show. Doors open at 7pm and it's a pay-what-you-can cover. Click on

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