Laid To Rest Celebrates Ten Years

Laid To Rest celebrate ten years with news on a few gigs, a couple of related bands and a new album or two.

Laid To Rest celebrate ten years with news on a few gigs, a couple of related bands and a new album or two.

Featuring Matt Boltz (guitar/vox), Luke Weatherson (guitar), Andy Weatherson (bass/vocals), Matt Mckeag (vocals) and Sandy Robertson (drums), Laid To Rest took musical inspiration from the likes of DRI, Slayer and more obscure loud rock but played it for pure enjoyment offering what they called party metal.

“It started with a bunch of guys that were just looking to do some music that was fun and non committal.” recalls Robertson. “We were just looking to kill some time and drink some beers. We’re just a product of our environment. If you’re any kind of fan of punk rock or metal and grew up in Hamilton, you’d have probably worn some kind of battle jacket [denim jackets or vests covered in band and related patches) in your life at one point or another. The music is a little bit punk, a little hardcore, a little metal all colliding together and that’s how it sounds. It’s not overly political or socially conscious — it’s just a product of fun.”

Laid To Rest’s The Brown Album debut from 2012 was followed up with 2016’s Nuclear Trash album and while it’s been a while, word is a new album is afoot for the band, even though Robertson has three bands now on the go. Each has it’s own focus and none are a side project.

“We’ve got ten or eleven new songs and we plan to be booking some studio time in the new year with hopefully a new record out for LTR by the summer,” says Robertson. “Andy plays bass but I play guitar in a new band called Hostage as well. We’re just breaking in a new singer and it’s coming together. We just had RSR records out of Germany have Hostage release a split record with LIfespite from the Netherlands. Through Haymaker, I made friends with Lifespite and their material and our material seemed like a good mix.

“There is no such thing as a side project when you start putting your heart and soul into it,” adds Robertson. “Playing drums in Laid to Rest is a steady gig. Hostage started off as a passion project for me and Andy and the other guitar player Roger but that’s actually turned into something that’s got some weight so I’m moving forward with that as well.”

Haymaker formed in 1999, quickly developed an international notoriety and then disappeared for long periods of time. They released their first new music in nearly a decade back in 2014 but as of late, they’ve been quiet although Robertson confirms a new record was released last month. 

“I joined in 2013 and we had a good run there,” says Robertson. “If you know Haymaker, it comes in waves and in many forms. Once we had enough material to put another release together, we did that and then the band took a break but that material actually just got released last month.”

Haymaker’s Punk’s Dead. I Hope You’re Next! contains the songs of the never properly released The Thing That Should Not Have Been Split 12” with Sex Prisoner on Side A and unreleased songs on side B released through Germany’s Regurgitated Semen Records. With three bands on the go, Robertson has never been busier and while Hostage and Haymaker are important, this weekend the focus is on celebrating Laid To Rest with two local shows in the next week.

“Jamie Problem and Hammer City put on a great show every month and we’re honoured to play number one hundred,” about playing this Sunday Slamfest 100. “Our shows are the same regardless if they’re all ages or not. You take out of it what you want and we put into it what we want. We’ve always joked we’re too punk for the metal heads and too metal for the punk scene but we’re cool with everybody and find a spot to blend in whenever we get the chance.”

Jamie Problem and Hammer City Records Present SLAMFEST 100 with another milestone punk rock matinee featuring Calgary’s Streetlight Saints and a slew of Hamiltonians like Artificial Dissemination, Get Off The Cop, Prior Convictions, Redwar, DJ Run MDC and Laid To Rest on Sunday October 27 at This Ain’t Hollywood. The all ages event runs 3 to 8 pm and $8 gets you in. But six days later you can celebrate ten years with Laid To Rest.

“It beats sitting at home and playing video games or whatever other trouble a guy my age could find — the music’s all I know and I’m going to be doing that until it’s not fun anymore,” says Robertson. “We started putting LTR together in early October 2009 and when we became a band was around Halloween so November 1 is a great day to celebrate ten years. Laid To Rest Halloween parties have always been good and Tyler at Doors has always been kind enough to give us one of the better nights during the holiday season and we’ll still be celebrating Hallowe’en. It should be a good time, ten years, who knew? Who does ten years anymore? What band is there that doesn’t do much outside of their local province and can still be a valid contribution to their local scene for ten straight years? 

“It’s a bit of a milestone and the five of us are stoked about this anniversary,” adds Robertson. “We’re pumped, happy, still stoked to practice and record and we’re stoked to be playing this anniversary show. The set list will include some brand new songs as well as a bunch of old favourites for a good healthy mix. It’s still Hallowe’en for us so people can dress up if they want. We’ll have our battle jackets for sure but then I don’t think some of the other guys ever take them off. I put on mine when I’m feeling sassy so it could come out for this show.”

Laid To Rest Celebrates Ten Years with a late costume party on Friday November 1 at Doors Taco Joint and Metal Bar with Sick of Shit, the Nasties and the Best Damn Roofer. Doors open at 9 pm. Click on

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