Love All

According to director Gwendolyn Starks this play is a comedy of manners in the style of Noel Coward and Oscar Wilde.

The Aldershot Players Fall Production is Love All by Dorothy L. Sayers, who is best known for her Lord Peter Wimsey detective novels and TV series starring Ian Carmichael.  According to director Gwendolyn Starks this play is a comedy of manners in the style of Noel Coward and Oscar Wilde.  Set in the 1940s it traces the misadventures of a romance writer, who has left his wife and run off with his mistress, only to have his world turned upside down when he discovers none of the women in his life live up to his perceptions of them.  The play explores the choices made between family and career, self–direction and expectations. This is not a bedroom farce, but great fun. The play was meant to open in 1939 but was closed down before it opened due to World War II and then opened when the government realized people needed normality and some hope in their lives.

Sitting down for tea with the very engaging director Gwendolyn, one discovers her passion for Dorothy L. Sayers is catching and by the way, as far as is known, this is the first production of Love All in Canada.  It is usually performed in tandem with another of her plays, Busman’s Honeymoon.  Gwendolyn, a PHD from St. Andrews University in Scotland told me the play has been on her bucket list to direct for many years and The Aldershot Players afforded her the opportunity as unlike other community theatres, they invite directors to submit plays they wish to direct and always going with comedies, much needed for entertainment in our troubled times.  She praises her cast and crew for their commitment to learning this play, coping with styled acting and British accents and still as community theatre actors carrying on with life and other careers.

Gwendolyn told me she had visited Wheaton College in the U.S. which holds the rights to Ms. Sayers’ work along with that of G.K. Chesterton, J. R Tolkein and C.S Lewis amongst others.  Gwendolyn has a great understanding of the plight of actors who are often told to “Get a proper job”.  She is also a former member of the Dorothy L. Sayers Society.  This promises to be a fun show particularly given Ms. Starks’ research and love of Dorothy L. Sayers.

Dinner/Shows start on Friday, October 18, 2019 and continue on three weekends, ending on Saturday November 2, 2019.  Their Thursday nights are show only, October 24 and Thursday October 31, please join them for Halloween night, curtain is 8.00 pm.  Ticket prices are $45 for the dinner/show (roast beef dinner or you can pre-order vegetable lasagne) or $20 for their Thursday night show only.  Dinner is catered by the wonderful Roseto Catering, whom Gwendolyn assures me have the best cold slaw on the planet!

  For tickets, please call the TAP Ticket Line at 905 381 1441 and leave a message. V

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