“For this event, I decided to invite some Hamilton friends and some friends I’ve met along the way this year,” says Deeps.

Steve “Deeps” De Piante heads up a new seasonal celebration with a focus on building a musical community and raising funds for an organization that helps musicians' mental health.
“I just wanted to play a show at the Mule Spinner and I’ve been working closely with Glen Marshall and Bob Lanois at the space,” recalls Deeps on the origins of Muletide. “We thought it'd be a great idea to get a bunch of people together from around town and film and record it. It’d be a great reason for a show and it’d give some great musicians some new content for the New Year so why not have a big party?
“We thought the name was a funny turn of phrase and maybe something we could do annually,” adds Deeps. “I think we might slip in some Christmas songs here and there but I don’t think it’ll be the full focus and more of an event that’s just something fun to do and maybe raise funds for different charities. This year, Ace Piva has been doing a lot of good work with the Over the Bridge organization and obviously over the holidays the mental health issues are a concern and that organization just does great things for musicians and raising awareness for mental health issue we encounter so we hope to raise a little bit of money for them.”
As a recording studio and venue in the Cotton Factory, the Mule Spinner has been quietly adding to their list of public concert events featuring the likes of Colin Linden, King Dice, Espanola and Laura Cole recently. With Deeps and Ginger St. James co–hosting Muletide, the event celebrates a wide range of musical talents.
“For this event, I decided to invite some Hamilton friends and some friends I’ve met along the way this year,” says Deeps. “My friend James Gray from Mariposa, another buddy, Bryce Clifford is the brother of the guy that owns Clifford Brewery and he spends his time between Hamilton and Austin, Texas. He’s got a nice sound and I thought I’d get him in front of some Hamilton people I know. Other than that, we’ve got some friends that I respect as musicians and possibly players that need to collaborate as I see a jam for the end of the night. Lance Cole is a poet that released a fairy tale book, Monarchs By The Sea a story based in Hamilton. He’s also a member of the Cotton Factory and I thought it’d be great to bring some different artists in to collaborate.

“It’ll be more of a variety show with lots of collaborations and quick changeovers since there are a lot of solo and duo acts,” adds Deeps. “The music will start right at eight and we’ll probably go to midnight. Cory Mercer is originally from Brantford but lives in Hamilton now and plays alongside Brennagh Burns who is a featured act at the show and she’ll do a thirty minute set whereas some of the people will do two or three tunes. Alfie Smith is someone who has been collaborating with us in the past and Ginger St. James has been helping us doing some promotion for this and she's going to be getting up there and doing some stuff with us too as well as co–hosting the event with me. With Chris Altmann playing with me and Snowheel Slim playing with Ginger, we figured we could get Robin and Carrie in so that the New Rebel Westerners could play as well.”
Whether you’re looking for a reason to get out or looking to learn more about area artists or a new venue, Deeps believes that Muletide has something for everyone to enjoy and in particular the event space itself.
“This is going to be a good group of musicians in a great venue with great sound, lighting and atmosphere,” says Deeps. “This is actually going to be a celebration of the Mule Spinner itself as well. It’s such a nice venue and at a time when venues are closing, it’s a pretty cool destination spot where you can catch a show with high quality sound and talent. With the ability to multi–track and film the shows, we’re also capturing some of these cool moments that the musicians can put them back out. We’re promoting the venue and giving all of the musicians some more content to keep them in the public eye. A lot of artists may not have been seen by Hamiltonians so we're hoping to get that changed and we're expecting a great event.”

Muletide happens Saturday December 7 at the Mule Spinner with Ginger St. James, Deeps, Alfie Smith, Cory Mercer, New Rebel Westerners, Brennagh Burns, Bryce Clifford, James Gray, Lance Darren Cole, DJ Aerlie Wild and more. Doors open at 7pm and it's a $20 or pay-what-you-can ticket with proceeds going to Over The Bridge. Click on 

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