Pale Drone

“It’s worked out well as we’ve all been friends for like twenty or twenty–five years and it’s been fun to make this music"

Fans of Boys Night Out were excited with the news of their return to recording after a multi year hiatus but that was back in 2016. While there was an album released, a band tour never materialized for Boys Night Out and fans and even band members are uncertain of the future. But BNO frontman C. Charles Lovat–Fraser advises that that band could still be an ongoing concern — more importantly, in the interim, he’s connected with some locals and working on a new band that plays live this week.

 “Boys Night Out will be a band in some form or another for the foreseeable future because we cannot let go but everybody’s schedule is so horribly unmatched that getting everyone together is a logistical nightmare,” says Lovat–Fraser. “That we were able to write and record [the BNO release] Black Dog is absolutely amazing but It’s going to be hard to do that again even though all of us would want to. I’d like to think that something could happen, at least release more music but at this point, it’s up in the air.”

Boys Night Out achieved international acclaim since forming back in 2001 but it seems expectations for that band coupled with their lives outside the band means BNO remains officially on hiatus. Lovat–Fraser had been working behind the scenes with other bands and in cannabis culture but a couple of years ago was approached by some friends with a proposition that was intriguing. 

“Pale Drone is my perfect band right now,” says Lovat–Fraser. “It’s a bunch of us that don’t have a ton of time so it’s a bit of a passive project, but we love playing shows whenever we can. There is no pressure and it’s a ton of fun. To play heavy music again is remarkable.

Lovat–Fraser was approached by guitarist Adam Brylowski, guitarist Trevor Dykstra, bassist Jerome Dorge and drummer Oliver Nacinovic to front a band with a deep, dark sludgy hardcore music that they like to describe as “music to haunt you in your sleep”.

“That’s us just playing really heavy, heavy music,” says Lovat–Fraser. “I’ve known these guys for a while — since my old punk and hardcore bands played with their old punk rock and hardcore bands like Spread the Disease and New Day Rising. They started the band a few years ago and reached out to me on Facebook under the pretense of ‘hey, you used to scream in hardcore bands in the ’90s, do you want to do that again?’ I thought it’d be something I’d love to do. 

“It’s worked out well as we’ve all been friends for like twenty or twenty–five years and it’s been fun to make this music — it’s a great situation,” adds Lovat–Fraser. “We did our first four songs at Boxcar Studio and recently went into the studio with David Partridge expressly to release a 7–iinch single, so we have six recorded songs currently. I’m happy with that but we could be doing a full length in the next year or so. We don’t have any serious labels involved — it’s hard to sell yourself when there is no commitment to touring but it’s a time where we can just put the music out primarily ourselves. We’re just having fun and doing things at our own pace.”

With a 7–inch (via their own Old God Records) and a compilation cassette including their first four songs (via Blacktop Records) available, a local showcase of heavier music is happening in the band’s hometown of Hamilton and Pale Drone seems to fit right in. Lovat–Fraser is happy to fill me in on some of the talent at the show including former band mate Scott Komer who is in hardcore band Twin Rivals so the local gig is perfect for him and his latest project. 

“I get out all of my frustration at the world on stage with Pale Drone,” says Lovat–Fraser. “I run around like a mad man and scream my face off so it’s an intense loud metal show. The feint of heart need not apply and should stay home with the one’s you love. You will have to like the loud stuff to like this show.”

Pale Drone plays with Lawless Sons, Twin Rivals, Carmen North and Fifteen Rockets this Thursday August 8 at Club Absinthe. Doors are at 8pm and $10 gets you in. Click on

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