Pistol Packin' Preachers' "Music, Magic, Mayhem"

Some scene veterans came together in some different roles to offer a slightly more novel kind of music than their previous efforts.

Some scene veterans came together in some different roles to offer a slightly more novel kind of music than their previous efforts. ‘Reverend’ Brian Alvey and ‘Father’ Curt Smythe had played drums and guitar respectively in other bands like the Pre–Nods or That Boy Ain’t Right but with Alvey wanting to front his own band with his own songs, the two came together with drummer ‘Sweet’ Kevin Whaley to form the Pistol Packin Preachers.

“I’ve been a drummer for a long time starting way back with Noodle Tooth Doodie,” recalls Alvey on his 17 plus year musical journey. “I played with Dowdy Days and we made a really good record. The Pre–Nods, Royal Seas — I loved playing the drums and would like to play with new people making different music all the time.

“I had the opportunity to play with a lot of different people and learned a lot from playing behind them and I think I’ve learned how to be a frontman from some of the best in Hamilton,” adds Alvey. “I was a drummer but I picked up the acoustic guitar to work on some rhythm work and started writing my own songs. From that, this project started with a little spark and we’ve got a nice little thing going on here. I’ve been friends with Curt for a long time, he’s a great shredder and a well respected musician around town and to have him want to be a part of this meant a lot. It started out with me and some songs but now we've got some straight up simple rock and roll with the Preachers.

“‘I’m still doing the metal thing but I really like playing the rock and roll, too,” says Smythe. “Bryan’s an old friend of mine and I was renting some jam space to him and his band. When his old bass player left, we were hanging out all the time so it was natural for me to join in. I love the bass because it has a different personality.”

Recorded at Boxcar Sound Recording Studio, Music, Magic, Mayhem features Dan Gurman on pedal steel offering up a rough–hewn rock with a country tinge but don’t think this is any kind of alt-country trip.

“We’re packing pistols with our instruments and what we’re preaching is rock and roll,” says Alvey. “I like to call it ronky tonk as there is a honky tonk influence with rock and roll on the borderline of punk.”

“We’re blue collar musicians that like to play rock and roll at night,” interjects Smythe. 

“Working class, steel city, white trash. raunch and roll outlaws — that’s us,” says Alvey. “We had enough songs written so we decided to go into the studio to record them and now they’re on all of the streaming platforms.”

Referring to their debut collection of songs Music Magic Mayhem as Volume One, the Preachers have two more albums planned for a trilogy of sorts.  In the interim, the band is content connecting with other like–minded and even not necessarily like minded bands to broaden their fan base with shows like the one they headline this week at the Casbah with two roots based acts that veer into alternative rock or new country.

“We like bills with a variety of styles in the bands so that there’s something for everybody and we’re excited to be on this bill with these talented musicians,” says Alvey. “Someone who has a little hop in their step and likes to dance — they should check us out. We invite everyone to support live local music, take a sample of what we have here and keep it friendly, Hamilton”. V

Pistol Packin Preachers play this Thursday September 5 at the Casbah with Dogmahound and Black Eyed Barbie. Doors open at 8pm and $10 gets you in. Click on

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