Rarity's "The Longest Lonesome"

“After our last record, we lost a couple of members in the band and around the same time, our deal with our old record label fell apart”

We last spoke with Rarity when they were choosing their post–secondary lives. The post hardcore outfit were chomping at the bit getting signed to US label Rise Records and releasing their 2016 critically–acclaimed debut studio album I Couldn’t Be Weaker. They’ve spent the better part of two years touring but without a record some fans thought maybe the band had just faded away. But after some three years, Loeden Learn (vocals), Adam Clarke (guitar), Corbin Giroux (guitar, backing vocals), Cole Gardener (bass), and Evan James Woods (drums) were set to start a new phase of their career with a signing to New Damage Records and to release their new album The Longest Lonesome months ago. A single was released, “Shawinigan” and the band started the Longest Lonesome Tour through April and May but the album release date was pushed back to the end of June and now...

“After our last record, we lost a couple of members in the band and around the same time, our deal with our old record label fell apart,” says Woods. “The three of us left in the band were kind of pushed into a really dark place and it took us a couple of years to be able to write a new record that could bring us back to life. There was a time all we could do is tour while we tried to have it all figured out. BMG bought the label and a lot of bands left out — it’s hard to find your voice when the big fish are controlling everything. We're happy now things went the way they did because we’re in a better place now.

“It took so long for us to get all of this together independently paying for it ourselves,” says Clarke. “New Damage reached out and loved what we were doing. We’ve had a great connection with the bands they’ve had on the label and Alexisonfire on Dine Alone. They’re why we play the music we do and they seemed so genuine and passionate about it. We’re happy with the way things have turned out now.”

The new 11–track album was produced, engineered, and mixed by Sam Guaiana at Room 21 Sound in Toronto enlisting the latest incarnation of the band to record their most important collection of songs yet. The band was at the juncture of going to college or the school of hard knocks in the music industry and they remain confident they made the right choice.

“Our parents are still one hundred percent behind us,” says Cooke. “Even with Cole and Corbin’s parents all of the families have been so supportive of what we do. The heart of this band are the people around us — the one’s who have supported this band — our friends, family and fans. We wouldn’t be the people we are today if it weren’t for them.”

While normally we’d be talking about the band having the new album in hand, legal wranglings persist but the band is confident, the new album will be coming out as soon as possible. In the interim, their first Hamilton performance in about three years happens and Rarity have put together a new 7–inch vinyl release of the first two tracks from the new album for their Hamilton showcase.

“Hamilton is a special market and you have to play it when the time is right,” says Clarke. “Hamilton always has to be a crazy amazing show. Sometimes, you don’t want to play Toronto to make that happen. It’s important for us to stay connected to our home fan base.” 

“We’re appreciative of everyone that’s stuck with us just so that we can find ourselves again,” says Woods. “We wrote these songs in a different place but it’s cathartic to play them now and happy that things are on their way of working themselves out.” 

“Trust us, the album is going to come out really soon although we can’t really talk about the details now,” says Clarke. “We’re excited about it finally coming out and we’re working on something special for Hamilton when it does come out. For now, we celebrate the label signing, the 7–inch and everything great about all the people in Hamilton that have supported us.” 

“This is going to be a celebration of a lot of hard work and patience coming together,” says Woods. “I’m hoping to see a lot of familiar faces this weekend because that’s why we do what we do. That’s why after waiting three years, we can still make music, play shows and meet people, anyone who is a part of that is a friend to me.”

Rarity plays this Friday June 28 at Club Absinthe with Young Culture, Heavy Hearts and Perfect Limbs. Tickets for the all ages / licenced show are $12 in advance and $15 at the door. Click on

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