Sarah Good and the Bads’ “The Glorious, Disgorged”

Sarah Good: “These are songs that I’ve written whereas the other projects are much more collaborative,”

We’ve had the chance to document some of what Hamilton’s iconoclastic singer and songwriter Sarah Good has done as part of collaborative experimental and ambitious musical outlets like glassEYElashes, Pucumber Sasssquash Family Band, Earth Wind & Choir and more but this weekend Good offers a new addition to her discography that focuses on her solo songs, “The Glorious, Disgorged”.

“These are songs that I’ve written whereas the other projects are much more collaborative,” says Good. “These are from the depths of my mind, for better or worse. It’s been about five years between my solo albums but there has been a lot of other stuff going on.”

Good has kept busy with the variety of collaborations listed above as well as starting a family no less. But the experience is perhaps what precipitated this more solo effort.

“I started writing these songs in the last three or four years and it’s taken awhile because of my other projects, had a kid, dealt with post partum depression — the songs are just a story of that journey and everything that I’ve been through in the last few years,” says Good. “There has been some hard times but not everything is obvious in the lyrics. Because I’m in a lot of different genres in bands, each song has varying styles but I just let it happen.”

The Mohawk College music grad has been known to explore music from jazz to post–punk to experimental electronic, choral and more but for this album we agree that we could call this particular collection of songs adventurous art rock with darker overtones. I mention a comparison to something conceptually daring and dark like Radiohead’s OK Computer and Good is intrigued. It’s important for Good to get the music out to the world and hopefully have it connect with like minded people.

“It’s not all heavy and bad, there are a lot of great things to celebrate that’s why it’s The Glorious, Disgorged,” says Good. “Literally, it’s this glorious life that’s just being thrown up into an album. I hope the music connects with anyone who is feeling the same things and maybe needs to hear those melodies, too. 

Recorded and Mixed by Aaron Hutchinson, for these recordings The Bads feature Good (guitar, lead vocals, harmonies, glockenspiel, theremin, psaltery), Adam Fritch (bass), Mark Raymond (drums/ harmonies), Annie Shaw (keyboards, harmonies, glockenspiel, psaltery), Katie Penrose (vocals) and Aaron Hutchinson (vocals). The end result is pure Sarah Good, unbridled emotional outpouring in true art. It equally broods and bewilders, as it soothes and swoons and yes, Sarah Good rocks.

“There is a cathartic nature to my music for me and for the listener and I think it does rock,” says Good. “Some times I don’t even know if anyone is going to like it. I feel proud about the work, about all the work that everyone put into this with me. I believe that that work deserves to be noticed and I hope the music gets out there. The show to celebrate this release, people can expect  that we’ll probably be half energetic and wild and weird and the other half, darker, brooding and experimental. 

“I think the people that would get my music would be if you feel like you’re not normal enough to be normal but not weird enough to be weird,” adds Good. “My solo stuff isn’t quite outsider music, I think there is an accessibility to it so if you’re feeling adventurous, you should check it out.” 

Sarah Good and the Bads play this Friday June 14 at HAVN (26 Barton St. E) with Joyful Joyful. Doors open at 8pm. Click on

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