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Sewage Gate

There are a lot of people on twitter making fake rage comments but in reality it seems we are not surprised by this leak

I was trying to skirt the issues about the 24 billion litres of shit flowing out of the sewage gate that was left open for years but it almost writes itself — so Shitgate it is. I own a property in Aberdeen just down the street from where the shit was flowing and there were times that you could smell something off when you walk your dog near the open gate but who really knew what the problem was? The city council knew about it and now are spinning their own shit to try to get away from the stench of this cover up.
There are a lot of people on twitter making fake rage comments but in reality it seems we are not surprised by this leak into our creek systems. If this was to happen in an American city a lawsuit would have already been filed and the mayor would be thrown out of office.

The mayor likes to throw people under the bus so I am sure he’ll point at all of the council members who were at the meeting that voted to stay quiet on this issue to try and protect himself. We have had three major coverups in the last year and will Shitgate be the tipping point or will it all flow down the river?
The asphalt debacle that may have killed Hamiltonians on the Red Hill Parkway that has been fixed but at a cost of millions that we as Hamiltonians have to pay for. A lawsuit will slowly go through the courts but who will pay for the lives lost over this simple fix? Seriously, people died. Then we have a huge blowup over the LGBTQ community and the mayor stays quiet and it seems to have died down but again nothing is resolved and the mayor actually just ignored the issue.
Now we have Shitgate. This can hurt us financially again since it will cost millions of dollars to fix the 24 billion litres of sewage floating around the west end all the way to Burlington.
Hamiltonians again are going to foot the bill due to the actions (or inactions) of our  council led by our mayor. We talk about voting them out but what does that do for us now?
Our city has been screwed up for years by what appears to be total incompetence. It all starts from the top and the mayor will probably be voted out but who will actually take a leadership role when the councillors appear to be the inmates running the looney bin? Our city is on the rise and we need to clean house. Luckily we are able to close the gate, fix the road, and maybe one day mend the fences of all communities being ignored but Shitgate will not be the last one. Toronto has a guy running around with a bucket of shit and that story will over shadow our Shitgate but we still need to take these lives lost, communities being marginalized, and a shit ton of sewage being untreated to make a change and get our city back on track.  V  

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