Strangewaves 5: Mother Nature

The more eclectic and underground sounds of the city are heading to the country this weekend thanks to a collective of promoters and performers

The more eclectic and underground sounds of the city are heading to the country this weekend thanks to a collective of promoters and performers including Dallas Walzak, Ken Inouye, Becky Katz and more.

“We were inspired by the community and other festivals and we thought it’d be really interesting to curate something like that and having the will to make it happen,” says Katz who has made this column for her art and music with Sourpussy, Please, the Freaky Boos and more. “We want all of our performers to be special people. Musicians like Mary Margaret O’Hara I had never experienced before and she took me on a journey. I later ran into her in Toronto and I told her Strangewaves was a bunch of freaks that get together that make weird music and art in the country and I invited her out and she was down. That’s pretty much her jam and her brother is playing balloon in her quartet. It's that kind of an event.

“We’re calling this year’s event Mother Nature because it’s really important to shine the light the environment and environmental concerns and pay our respects to the earth that we're all destroying," adds Katz. "We expect to have a glorious outdoor weekend and it's important for us to acknowledge that beauty of nature.”

With artists ranging from Hamiltonians like Sarah Good and the Bads, NPNP, Shanika Maria and Doghat, Strangewaves is a magnet for international eccentric and eclectic performers including Wolf Eyes from Detroit, Bill Nace and Samara Lubelski from New York, RP Boo from Chicago, Alt›n Gün from Turkey/Amsterdam and more. Skronk, jazz, noise, electronic, experimental and other off the beaten track music will fill the outdoors for Strange Waves 5. 

  “The bill is overloaded with the feminine which is another big part of the mother nature theme,” says Katz. “It’s going to be a beautiful time and I encourage anyone thinking about going to check out some of the music to get familiar with what to expect. No one wants to go back to the tent at the wrong time so we encourage people to do some homework. 

“I am very much looking forward to this exciting line up of music that we’ve curated for the weekend,” adds Katz. “I think this makes our community stronger, thriving, exceptional, supportive and lovely — and I think that is crucial to our mental health and quality of life. I’d be open to think that this might be music that is difficult to listen to — it’s definitely not for everyone but if people go in with an open mind, people will be very delightfully surprised. There are 18 visual artists and installations involved this year, camping and of course the music. Tickets are available at the gate and you can camp if you’d like but some people just come when it’s convenient for them. The curious and the sweetest weirdos should come if they’re wondering what to do this weekend and they want to try something just a little bit different.”

Strangewaves 5: Mother Nature happens this Friday July 19 through Sunday July 21 at the Paris Agricultural Society with ticketing ranging from $60 for individual days to $130 for a weekend pass. Click on

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