The Boozetown Christmas EP "To You and Yours"

“Andrew and I grew up and played in more of an emo band in high school and we’ve played together for about ten years or so,”

While Ravyn’s Fall never reached out through their musical journey from a Caledonia high school to the finals of City TV’s Canada’s Got Talent, the core of the band has recently set up shop doing things more in Hamilton and reached out about their more recent activities.
For the last three years, Boozetown has been playing a monthly live 2000s themed tribute night dubbed  “All Killer No Filler” featuring hits from the likes of the Killers, Blink 182, Avril Lavigne and Good Charlotte among others. While cover bands don’t normally make this column, this month’s Boozetown show is getting in the holiday spirit with the release of a new collection of recorded Christmas songs and some food raising for the needy.
“Andrew and I grew up and played in more of an emo band in high school and we’ve played together for about ten years or so,” offers bassist Jackson Burley on the Caledonia based Ravyn’s Fall he played in with singer and guitarist Andrew Nagel. “We played with Ravyn’s Fall for about six years between 2010 and 2015 and did a couple tours with a band called Harbour but it was more of a high school project, after six or seven years, we decided to do the Boozetown thing.”
Adding drummer Mike Kushnir and former Ravyn’s Fall guitarist Jacob Quesnel, the four piece Boozetown is more about the enjoyment of playing some of the music they grew up on without some of the industry trappings they’d already experienced.

“We decided that we wanted to still play music together so we got ourselves a drummer and started a cover band,” says Burley. “We didn’t want to take it as seriously and have more fun with making music because as great as it was, it was getting very stressful and not getting anywhere. The cover band sounded a lot more fun and easier. We get to play more shows as a cover band and have a lot more fun. It worked out well for us and we’ve been doing it for three years now. We’ve been having a lot of fun and meeting a lot of people with this band.
“Growing up, I was a big Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, Blink 182 and Sum 41 fan so it’s kind of cool that once a month we get to play all that stuff we grew up with although we do other gigs where we’ll play CCR, the Hip and ACDC and stuff like that,” adds Burley. “When it comes to Absinthe, we’ll do just the early 2000s stuff. We get people around my age come out but we get a lot of the 19–year–olds come out as well as even parents hang out with us and their friends. There’s a collective group that come out and have a good time.”
Now 25, the goals for Burley and Boozetown may have shifted but inspired from the good ol’ days, Boozetown decided to record some holiday songs and put on a special show to celebrate the season.
“Back in the Rayn’s Falls days, we did a couple of rocked up Christmas songs and we were talking last year about actually recording a different version of “Jingle Bells”,” says Burley. “I graduated from Music Industry Arts at Fanshawe College in London so I like to think I know what I’m doing with regard to recording. It was a fun challenge for me but Andrew and I put a lot of hours into it and the outcome is something we can be proud of. We did it ourselves and we decided to do a couple of more songs this year. Why not? We’re not the typical, everyday cover band so there are no rules saying we can’t do a Christmas CD. I’m a big Christmas fan and of the holidays so it worked out for us and it was a lot of fun.”
To You and Yours will be available on all your favourite streaming platforms on Friday December 13 with the official Boozetown release party happening this Saturday at Club Absinthe.
“We’ve got the release show and every person through the door gets your name entered into a raffle to win a Boozetown prize pack, and we’ll be accepting donations for the local charity so it’s a $10 cover but if you bring in a canned good it’ll be a $5 cover,” says Burley. “It helps out the less fortunate during the holiday season. We like to be as charitable as possible especially around the holidays. We did a Ravyn’s Fall Christmas house show three or four years ago and we raised $150 and 80 pounds of food and I hope to beat that with this show.
“The kind of show we like to put on is fun for all,” adds Burley. “We have been playing once a month at Absinthe for the past three years and each show has gotten better and better. We will go on just after 11 pm and we’ll do two different sets with the regular Sum 41, Blink 182 and add some of the goofier songs from Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson, even Shania Twain. We’ll do all of the bangers, basically a lot of the music we grew up on and that we like to play live to get everybody singing and dancing and give us a high five on stage. It’s a big party for all and positive vibes all around.”  V

Boozetown plays its All Killer No Filler: 2000s Tribute Night this Saturday December 14 at Club Absinthe. Doors open at 10 pm and it's $10 or $5 with a canned food item. Click on

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