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The Experts Have Spoken

The Real Estate Experts have done research and they predict that the Hamilton Real Estate Market will grow slightly for the next two and a half years

The Real Estate Experts have done some research and they have predicted that the Hamilton Real Estate Market will grow slightly for the next two and a half years. What a prediction! This sounds like a weather man doing his side job and then throwing in a little extra to cover his bets. The prediction is taking into consideration the number of units will slow down in the next couple of years. Again, so what.

I have been writing this article for a number of years and every time I read someone’s predictions it makes my skin crawl. 99% of them are always wrong but when you look at the real numbers — they don’t lie. The only number that makes sense is by the end of 2020 the average home price in Hamilton will be $500,000 and that folks is impressive! Let that sink in and then decide what you are going to do with that information.

Personally I am looking to buy another investment project and it is pretty hard to see anything worthwhile out there. The properties that are not moving are either in terrible locations or priced way out of the current market. I am not looking to get a great deal but I definitely want to pay a fair price since the market is going to continue to grow so I am happy to just be in the market and let it make me passive income.

I was at one of the banks I deal with this week and they are pushing to show me how much equity I have in my properties and then they rolled in the financial advisor. After listening to his dog and pony show it just made me want to invest into more real estate. So let’s see if they can actually do what they say and if they do come up with more liquidity I will definitely re–invest in real estate as the true passive income that will keep giving in the years to come. The financial advisors want you to give them money from your equity to invest into their bank’s investments but the payback is minimal at best and listening to them go on about these weak investments makes me laugh inside since real estate will continue to outpace any investment they can come up with.

A smart financial advisor would tell you to pull out your equity and invest in real estate but they do not get paid if you do this. They get a piece of every shit stock or bond they put you into so think where the advice is coming from then think about what I am saying and invest in real estate. This advice is coming from a broker who would make money if you buy real estate but most of you who read this article will call another agent or broker anyways so take my advice, follow me while I buy another income property and I will make money while you keep sitting on the side lines. V            


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