The Liquid Assets of Ottawa's "SNC Lava Lamp EP"

“For Liquid Assets — we wanted the wildest off the wall stuff because there is so much dead serious stuff"

With their new 45 being released on Hamilton’s Schizophrenic Records, the Liquid Assets of Ottawa are doing an Ontario tour to promote it with a stop in guitarist Scott Paige’s old hometown this weekend.
As the story goes, Scott Paige made a name for himself as the vocalist for Born Wrong but followed love that took his journey to Ottawa and currently Montreal. He’d started a new band — based on noise pop love songs dubbed No Blues — but recently joined the Liquid Assets and the World Health Organization or the WHO for short with a different musical mindset.
“I had just settled in Ottawa on my way to Montreal and I had a great experience professionally and band wise there,” says Paige. “I consider these three guys in Liquid Assets some of my best friends. I moved to Montreal in the summer. But the last little while for me, I try to get at least one person in the band who’s really new to punk or in the scene. My tenture in punk is fading out and I want to work with someone fresh because this music is for the young and made by the young. In the WHO, this is the singer’s first band and Felix in the Liquid Assets, he’s not new to punk but he’s a really young vibrant guy that runs his own festival. I’m in my thirties now and I’ve been in bands for a really long time. I love punk and I love fresh young punk. That’s the way it should be an it gets folks like me excited about punk, when the band is really into it and that’s mostly the case for younger bands.
“We did Born Wrong for five years — it had more of a darker edge to it,” adds Paige. “The guys liked all the Chris Callaghan projects like Left For Dead and Cursed while I was more into the Dead Kennedys so it was more on the yelling side of things. No Blues ripped off everything from Wisconsin's Tenement. I genuinely tried to do that because it’s my favourite kind of noisy pop punk. The point of it was to go from Born Wrong to No Blues. The Buzzcocks are very different from the Dead Kennedys but they’re all punk. Now, I’m doing similar guitar stuff without being the front person. No Blues will have another album coming out and we hope to tour Japan next summer but with the new bands I’m working with — I’m done with being the front man and I’m just the guitarist in these bands.

“For Liquid Assets — we wanted the wildest off the wall stuff because there is so much dead serious stuff — like Born Wrong I was really serious with the politics with that — so the whole record for Liquid Assets has a tongue in cheek vibe,” adds Paige. “The cover has that and if Order the physical copy, colour the cover, and email it back to us you’ll receive 7 digital bonus tracks. I think this is the funnest release I’ve ever been involved with. The general vibe is fun and dumb — everything about punk that I really like.”
While his professional and personal life is thriving, Paige continues to make music he’s passionate about and this weekend, he gets to do a hometown visit with his latest project and make for a seasonal get together for he and his friends.
“When I’m back in town for Hamilton, if you buy anything at Hammer City Records, you’ll get the free download from this EP,” says Paige. “Liquid Assets live is pretty much as it sounds — it’s loud, fast and sloppy. I miss Hammer City and my friends in No Blues but that’s what I miss from Hamilton for the most part. The city that I love is really in the past at this point. I’m excited about bringing these bands together and there’s different kinds of punk in each of these bands. It’s all a little different and exposing different bands to different people and engaging with it. This is something fun and big and I’m excited to see everyone. Maybe it’s a self–centered thing to bring all of my friends together. But I’ve paid way more money for way less fun. I would drive to Hamilton for this much fun — and I guess I am.”

The Liquid Assets plays this Saturday December 14 at Doors Taco Joint and Metal Bar with Coke Jaw, Get Off The Cop, Sick of Shit, Violent Image as well as Kilgore the Clown and his Magic Band. Doors open at 9 pm and $8 gets you in. Click on

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