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The LRT is Dead

The LRT is dead and we should be rejoicing and singing in the streets but those on their soapboxes are still crying that we were lied to and misled.

Merry Christmas! The LRT is dead and we should be rejoicing and singing in the streets but those on their soapboxes are still crying that we were lied to and misled. Welcome to the real world and thank the heavens that someone had the balls to cancel the worst idea of an archaic transportation white elephant, one that would only run 14 km down the middle of the city, and would have screwed us for the next hundred years. Stop crying about it, and it is hard to believe I am about to say this, but thank the Ford government for stopping this fiasco.

That being said we have to stop crying and get to work finding a logical well thought out plan that will lead us into the future instead of cementing us in the past. They are saying that the billion dollars is still available for transportation and we should look at renewable energy, electric cars, pods, and people movers. Whatever you want to call it but look into spending the money in a way to serve our city, especially those who need transit on the outskirts and make a system that will serve the entire community. We should realize that a billion dollars can go a long way if spent properly on transit that doesn’t include the cost of buying buildings, tearing them down and building bridges to nowhere to serve a meer 14 km. I have zero confidence that the present government we have in place can handle this endeavour. The mayor has shown he appears to have no “juice” with the government to do anything, so let’s really look at all the possibilities and start from scratch.
The council will spend their time literally “throwing each other under the bus” but let’s regroup and find the right path to the future. Next year’s Olympics are using robot electric people movers that will prove their worth by moving more people more efficiently than any other system. There are a ton of companies trying to sell their concepts and we have a billion dollars that can make us a city of the future instead of a monorail of the past. Take a nod from the smart guy who stopped the big Dart buses and invested in smaller, more efficient, single use properly designed wagons to move around citizens in wheelchairs more efficiently and cost effectively. This is what we need — nimble effective transportation that works on our one way streets. Hydrogen buses, electric buses mixed with smaller electric pods can really make our city accessible and more efficient. A mix of transportation that covers the whole city instead of just 14km will be the answer and it can be easily phased in over the next decade as technology and costs prove themselves.  The Darts change from archaic buses picking up dozens of passengers, to vans moving around more people with a better pay off, can be understood and implemented fast without huge capital investment and puts the money where it belongs in transportation instead of trying to use it to fix all the failures of our past and present councils. V  

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