The Sky Ain't Falling

On March 22 the Hamilton Spectator featured an op–ed by former Mohawk College Centre For Climate Change expert Sandi Stride

You can fool some of the people some of the time...” Honest Abe Lincoln

On March 22  the Hamilton Spectator featured an op–ed by former Mohawk College Centre For Climate Change expert Sandi Stride and the newly minted general fighting the “Climate Emergency” war declared by the city of Hamilton, Andrea McDowell.

The dynamic duo presented a rather bleak future for the world due to climate change but especially Hamilton which was singled out for incredible “hope in action.”

But what caught my rather admitted jaundiced eye was a claim by the duo that by 2040, the former Steel City would be experiencing summertime highs of 44C, or 111F for those that still don’t care for Pierre Trudeau’s arbitrary metricising of Canadian numbers and volumes in 1975.

This op–ed in question claim appears to have come from a recent climate alarmist/catastrophic claiming book that other high profile climate zealots like US congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez — she of the infamous Green New Deal that would outlaw air travel and cow farts — love to reference that claims that basically, the world will end by 2030. 

In other words, silly, ridiculous nonsense that bizarre Toronto Star columnist Heather Mallick also glommed on to and whose unhinged ramblings on climate continue to be run by the Spectator as well.

In any event, I happened to come across a valid 2018 Ontario government study of the climate of Algonquin Park that stated that in the worst case carbon scenario, the temperature would increase by .2 C per degree each year for the next 81, which would turn the park’s climate to that currently experienced by Windsor, near the southern most location in Canada.–content/uploads/SRB–IR–14–Ridgway–ClimateWarmingProjectionAPP.pdf

No where in the Park study were extreme summer high temps of 44C claimed to be in the offing within 21 years, nor even 41 years, or 61 years for that matter.

Then, an analysis of the Prairie Climate Centre study, a much more climate change alarmist site that social justice warrior climate change extremists love to quote showed that their data for Toronto for the year 2050 predicted a mean extreme high of 38C, or 100F.–climate–centre/

Even the alarmist Climate Atlas website, while maintaining under the worst case scenario that the maximum temperatures in Hamilton by 2051–2080 will reach 30C or more six fold from the present 8 to 46 days, no where are extreme highs of 44C mentioned. Over 70 years away!–change–projections

And for some historical context, let’s go back to the hot as Hades July of 1936, when Hamilton hit an all time record high of 41C, or 106F.

Despite all the wild claims made by climate change extremists who have weaponized climate change as a scraggly SJW beard, we have not come close to the wilting summer of 1936 in the following 83 years despite a big increase in greenhouse gases of which it is claimed, is the direct cause of the projected “climate emergency.” Seems Mother Nature did not get the “emergency” memo and just continues to take of business as she has for millions of years.

The overall point is that we in the “banana belt” in the Golden Horseshoe have lived with hot humid summers where temperatures often hit the low to even mid 30s for tens of decades. And a couple extra degrees Celsius in the extreme would hardly qualify as an “emergency” in the next 22, 32, 42, 52, 62, 72 or 82 years especially when all of the cry wolf pack always quote the most extreme of the projections.

It is getting incrementally noticeably hotter within decades, but the sky ain’t fallin’ despite the climate change narrative being hijacked by extremists.

So, armed with a few facts, I tried to get Ms. Andrea McDowell to comment on the discrepancies between her and her colleague’s op–ed claims, and what would appear to be actual facts.

Repeated emails to McDowell went unanswered. So, I contacted Ward 7 councillor Esther Pauls, and after a few back and forths over a week or so, I finally received a response from McDowell. It was short but not so sweet as she effectively threw her co–author Ms. Stride — who has since retired — under the bus, saying that it was Stride, not her, that made the 44C claim.

However, I had in my emails to McDowell also asked her for comment on the Algonquin study and again it took an intervention from Paul’s office to get another short McDowell reply which informed me that she had no time to appraise the Park study.

So, the “hope” general in the “emergency” Hamilton fight against climate apocalypse does not have time to comment on a relevant to southern Ontario climate report that debunks some of her op–ed claims and the need for a storm the beaches D–Day–like “emergency”?

I informed McDowell that it was obvious she was not interested in a serious climate information exchange and I said that my story would so note, and it just did.–health/health–topics/climate–change

So with the office of “Climate Emergency”, apparently a leisure time service of the city’s Public Health Office effectively mute on the matter, I contacted the weather warriors at Environment Hamilton with the same concerns that were presented to McDowell.

EH director Linda Lukasik, whom I have known since her meaningful crusade against Philip Services and Red Hill Expressway in the late ’90s and who I gave plentiful and sympathetic coverage to in VIEW mag in that era, and her aide du camp Ian Borsuk who has been given fawning climate change coverage by the Hamilton media, did not respond at all to repeated requests for comment. I wonder if like Ms. McDowell, they were just too darned busy responding to climate “emergencies.” Or is it perhaps something else?

Because it would appear that those yelling FIRE! in the theatre the loudest are quite less vocal when it comes to defending their wild claims when they are called to account on them.

As noted earlier, it is obvious the climate change extremists have weaponized and politicised the issue and along with their our way or the highway SJW cheerleaders are willing to ignore all push back because, well, they know they can.

They and their ilk claim US president Donald Trump is responsible for hurricanes and other severe weather and recently, it was posited by one website that climate change was the fault of “white people,” because, it claimed, white people eat more cows that in turn gas up the air with their methane emissions. That, is about as divisive, paranoid, delusional and nuts as it gets.

High profile NBC news “reporter” Katy Tur describes climate change as a coming “genocide” when “millions of people will die,” which may be even more nuts then it gets. Breathtakingly, dishonestly, daft.

Yet climate change warriors know they have almost all of the mainstream media in the “climate emergency” bag and therefore have no need to defend their claims because the MSM will ride unmitigated herd for them and ridicule or even try to crush the “deniers”.

I said ‘almost,’ as a April 16 column by the Toronto Sun’s Jerry Agar exposed our own Catherine McKenna, the environment minister — nicknamed “Climate Barbie” by the Conservatives —  fudging her facts, claiming that Toronto had received more than half of its allotment of rainfall for the month when in fact the totals were actually on pace to be normal for the period. This is the usual MO for the climate change fantasists and they are rarely called on it like what happened when Agar raised the point.

How far does it go? Well, Google has undertaken a whitewashing of Greenpeace co–founder Patrick Moore, who had the audacity to question the motives and tactics of the organisation  which is now basically a climate change extremist propaganda organ accountable to no one. 

It is alleged that Google has conspired with Greenpeace to effectively remove most references to Moore’s Greenpeace career in their search engine and Greenpeace website just because he is talking out of turn.–co–founder–patrick–moore–becomes–collateral–damage–in–media–war–on–trump

Back here, a crusading Hamilton councillor I have known since 1995 and who never met a worthy and even dangerous cause he would not poke a stick at went MIA to me on this matter and I think I know why. The usually brave councillor does not need the aggravation and back stabbing that would surely come from questioning the unquestionable dogma.

Unaccountable and untouchable. Not, a good combo and effectively, not a whiff of good news for those seeking to really get to the bottom of the question of some legitimate climate change which for the record I do not deny.Nor is it a plus for the taxpayers who are funding what is in effect a trendy politically correct PR operation designed to baffle and bamboozle and probably proves the old adage from Mark Twain that figures don’t lie, but liars may figure.

Therefore, the Hamilton office of “Climate Emergency” would appear to be at this point merely SJW window dressing that stands on pretty shifty sands with not a lot to do, or in fact could do, but simply, be. V

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