Trump And Chaos

As the domestic situation becomes completely lost within itself, a chaotic Trumpian nightmare unfolded at seeming warp speed on the Turkey–Syria border

A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece discussing the tunnel vision of impeachment when it comes to Donald Trump. That, while he certainly deserves to be impeached, there was very little thought being given to what that would actually mean, and what the destruction of legitimacy in both the White House and American institutions at large may mean for the near future. As the days have mercifully dragged on, some other strange version of Hell has broken loose. While daily we are blasted with a bevy of news that makes the end of the Trump presidency feel inevitable yet impossible, the American nation and the world by proxy fall deeper into something worse than a malaise, somehow more damaging than utter nihilism. Rather, there’s a desperation across the board now. People who despise Trump feel certain of their indignation yet lost in whatever the fuck we’ve created here. His supporters hang on, with some form of mental gymnastics too bewildering to consider too closely. There’s this feeling of overlap here, too much is going on, not enough is happening, nothing is known even as everything becomes seen.

As the domestic situation becomes completely lost within itself, a chaotic Trumpian nightmare unfolded at seeming warp speed on the Turkey–Syria border. Trump deranged, lashing out, seeking new ways to be made a fool, taken advantage of, played mercilessly by Turkey’s Erdogan. The pace at which American foreign policy in one of the world’s most volatile and sensitive regions came unraveled would be stunning if it weren’t so in keeping with the utter mania of these times. It’s been mere days since Turkey was given the go–ahead from Trump to do what it wishes on its border, as he largely abandoned the Kurdish allies who had become essential in the fight against ISIS that Trump was so proud of. Briefly, some cracks emerged within the hideously docile and compliant and complicit Republican Party, but nothing held, because nothing ever holds. People were killed, that’s certain, and Trump liked to refer to it as ‘cleaning up’ — leaks everywhere, maybe the Pentagon was ignoring orders, trying to maintain ties to its friends in the Middle East, maybe Trump was just wagging the dog so desperate is he to take some of this heat off, maybe the cease–fire was real, maybe we’re still hearing gunfire and grenades. What we know is people were killed, more still abandoned, more displacement, more chaos not of their own doing, while a series of madman dictate the affairs of the region, the world, space and time.

The Lindsay Grahams and Mitt Romneys of this god forsaken world used to tell America that every evil it committed was ultimately for a greater good. In fact, that good was so great that the evil wasn’t even evil, but it too was good! That it was better to fight ‘them’ ‘over there’ than ‘over here’. It was nonsense then, but is profoundly absurd now. With distance obliterated by the relentlessness of real–time, the immorality that was long obvious but still somehow made Other, is now palpable, one can taste it whether your mouth is closed or not. What the worst Americans used to be able to push out and down, now they must confront at all hours, in all moments. So, to continue to support it, the easiest option is to rage and hate and trust in Trump and believe that this is all some sort of chess move in some greater battle against some even greater evil. For that heinousness perpetrated as an incompetent President lashes out in all directions is completely in keeping with the directionlessness so many people feel. The sense of being out of control is confronted with the defense that hate and evil are clear distinctions at least, and that actually they are justified. The precise people who wanted to go ‘over there’ to keep them away from Here, are now praising Trump for the sort of isolationist behaviour that would have destroyed him as a political figure less than a decade ago. Sadly, it’s in keeping with the American exceptionalist drivel that has been spewed by every American President in living memory. America tried to help and they don’t want our help! People always seem to be dying over there, people always seem to be fighting over there! Let them fight and die on their own! There’s no sense of responsibility, no desire to know about the lives of these people, the tragedy and suffering endured at the hands of so many. Instead, it’s easier to spend ones time yelling about Hunter Biden and email servers and Adam Schiff and how everyone is, actually, in fact, in reality, out to get good ol’ fashioned Americans! Somehow, this is just the beginning. Somehow, it’s always just the beginning.  V

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